Main objectives of Proprietorship

Proprietorship Firm is the best form of business for an individual who wants to make a small business entity with own idea and concept. The proprietor is liable for any type of risk like profit & loss and he will be responsible for all business creditors. Only a single owner handling all decisions and operation in this form or he/she will appoint someone for work but last decision is the owner’s decision in a proprietorship firm.

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The Advantages of Proprietorship Firm

Proprietorship content for a website refers to the information and messaging crafted to represent a business that operates as a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a type of business structure where an individual is the sole owner and operator of the business.

Process of Proprietorship Firm Registration

TAN number allotted

Owner’s Pan card is the Pan card of the firm also on proprietor Pan card behalf fist we will apply for Tan number of his/her Proprietorship Firm.

Applying for Licenses

For running a business you need few licenses required as per nature of the business


For saving the name of the firm under Intellectual property right need to file trademark which will save the duplicate of the brand name in the market after stating the proprietorship firm

PAN and TAN allotted

Application for PAN & TAN is the final step of partnership firm registration which applied under NSDL. Both are the documents which we require for filing transaction in the department and opening current account of the firm.


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