Provident Fund Registration

Every establishment in which twenty or more persons are employed has to apply for Provident Fund Registration within One month from the date of applicability. All employees are eligible to become a member of the Provident Fund from the date of joining the establishment Edge Legal.

Every employer to which Provident fund act applies has to deduct and deposit to the central government, the provident fund deducted along with Employer Share, for those employees which basic wage plus dearness allowance is equal or below to Rs 15,000/-

  1. Copy of the Pan Card of the company.
  2. Self-attested copy of, Bank Statement, Landline Bill, Power Connection Bill, water Bill in the name of the establishment, Any license/certificate/number issued by any Govt. authority, etc., as address proof of the establishment.
  3. In the case of company Memorandum/Articles of Association/List of Directors.
  4. Copy of registration certificate issued under the Companies Act, Sales Tax Act, Co-operative Society act, Importer and Exporter code, etc.,
  5. In case of a factory, License number, and date of issue of license.
  6. Business Activity of the firm/company.
  7. Details of other Registration in any other statute, if any.
  8. If the establishment is covered under the ESIC Act, the ESIC Number issued by the department.
  9. Details of employees along with their address, Basic Salary, and date of joining the firm/company.
  10. E-Mail id and Mobile number of the firm/company.
  11. Details of Bank account along with a Cancelled cheque.

Provident Fund Registration Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about Provident Fund(PF) Registration

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