Annual Filing

All the companies are required to provide the details regarding their financial statements and an annual return to the Registrar of Companies annually. The purpose behind the filing is to make aware shareholders of the company and other stakeholders about the idea of the use of funds by the company and the operating status and functioning of the company. It is rather a tool that helps in ensuring proper compliance of the provisions of the act and resultantly protects the interest of all the stakeholders at large explained by Edge Legal.

Companies need to make annual filing within the stipulated time frame otherwise it need to impose penalty on the companies and its officers.

Documents/Information Required for Annual Filing:

1. Financials of the company (Balance Sheet, Profit and loss Account, Schedules and notes to account)

2. Auditor’s Report

3. List of shareholders

1. Mobile number

4. Details of Auditor ( PAN and Membership Number)

5. Main Objects of the company

6. Telephone number of the company

7. Details of director whether executive or not

8. The number of board meetings held during the Financial Year 9. Details of transfer of company, if any.